Daniel Teeny

June 1, 2021

well... hello world.

here we are.
this is my first blog post. ever.

not for a lack of interests, endeavors, motivation or achievements –
but because investing in a blog has always felt, just... blah.

i'm only doing it now because my favorite email service hey.com (why i love it) has this feature where you type up an email. hit send. *ta-da*, blog.

so let's get into it.
*in two parts.

Act I

my name is Daniel Teeny.
Despite rarely going outside, i enjoy the sun, the 32 laps i've taken around it, it's familiarity over the last 10 years I lived in San Diego, California — & it's relativity to Austin Texas: my new home town. 
A creator, through and through; I enjoy many mediums:
• writing, drawing, painting, digital illustration, & pottery,
• branding, print, graphic, ui/ux, & web design,
• photography, videography, & motion design, 
• cooking, cocktails, social media, & AR filters,
• 3d sculpting, then fabricating those things in real life. 
& even the occasional viral video

Doing all those things at a high caliber is challenging.
and while most of those things don't change all that much or often...
one does: web design.
Act II

which brings me to: carrd.co
a ridiculously inexpensive, yet capable website builder that's designed to create 1-page'ish websites.

i'm obsessed. 

You don't need to be a developer to create with card (remember that BLM link page in every IG bio?) —
but with a designer's eye & a little bit of code know-how you can push it to incredible heights.
i've built a bunch of websites you would never imagine a 'simple 1-page website builder' would be capable of: style guides, intake apps, portfolios, & even ecommerce (featured in May issue of GQ).

I pushed carrd this far by creating modules i use from project to project:
FAQ accordions, dynamic content sliders, or portfolio switchers...
manually coded, but perfectly utilized by carrd's simple interface.

Anyway, after pushing this simple website creator to the absolute edge of it's capabilities... 
i'm finally tackling something i've never had the cojones or budget (next paragraph) to do.
integrating a blog – this blog – into my overhead-less workflow.

Listen. i'm one of the people. a defender of the little guy. I just built a website for Juan, my yard guy.
sure, dropinblog exists but it's $40/month which is absurd. that's > 10x what it costs to host a site. > 4x what it costs to integrate ecommerce which actually brings a client revenue. Juan shouldn't have to spend $40 a month just to explain how to care for your perennials. that ain't it. 

so here we are.
goal : simple blog integration for the little guy. 
  • step 1: get blog.
  • step 2: integrate into site.
  • step 3: this is a trick bullet point; there is no step three. 

if this works, it's that simple. 
& we'll see each other again real soon.