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October 14, 2022

Column information in ERB template exceptions, migration option validation and more!

Hey, this is Greg bringing you the latest news from the Rails world.

Add column information to exceptions inside ERB templates
This PR adds column information to exceptions that occured inside ERB templates. There are before and after screenshots of the Rails error page, and a great explanation of the change in the PR description.

Validate options when managing columns and tables in migration
With this change, when an invalid option is passed to a migration method(create_table for instance), an error will be raised. The options validation is only applied to newly created migrations, to make it backward compatible.

Update documentation of Range#to_s
Rails 7 deprecated passing a format option to to_s, and added to_fs as a replacement, and the documentation has also been updated now.

Add Rails.application.deprecators
With this change, deprecators added by gem maintainers can be configured for the whole application. So when the user sets Rails.application.deprecators.behavior = :raise, this behavior will be applied to all deprecators
Turbo 7.2.2 release
A new minor version of Turbo has been released this week.

18 people contributed to Rails this week! If you want the be part of that, checkout the list of open issues!
Until next week!

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