This Week in Rails

December 18, 2021

New releases, bugfixes and more!

Hi there, it is Greg, bringing you the latest news about Ruby on Rails! We had an exciting week, so let's get to it.

Rails 7 has been released
There are so many new features, I would rather not list them here, please read the announcement, it has all the details.
As mentioned in the release announcement, there is a new look of the official Rails website and blog!

Rails, and have been released
This is less fun than the above, since they are security releases to address an Open Redirect vulnerability in the Host Header Authorization Middleware.

Fix dbconsole for 3-tier config
The dbconsole tried to connect for the primary database from the config before, but with a 3-tier config and application might not have one. This PR fixes the issue by changing dbconsole to pick the first database when there is no primary. It also improved the error message when no database is found.

Raise an exception when using unrecognized options in change_table block
This PR raises an exception when the yielded Table inside a change_table block receives a method with the keyword arguments if_exists or if_not_exists. This prevents unexpected behaviour when a change_table block called with the option bulk: true will silently ignore the option, but when called without that option, it will be obeyed.

Allow IPs with port in the HostAuthorization middleware
The IPAddr object comparison failed with a host with an IP address and a port and raised an exception, but this change fixes that by extracting the hostname for the comparison.

35 people contributed to Rails the past week! If you want to check out all of the changes, you can see the here. See you next time!

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