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September 22, 2023

SQLite3 adapter now handles default functions with concatenation and supports `supports_insert_returning?`

Default retry strategy uses polynomial backoff instead of exponential backoff
This modifies the wait option's name to provide a more explicit indication that jobs will undergo retry attempts using polynomial backoff. It also ensures that the previous, legacy name remains functional to maintain backward compatibility.

SQLite3 adapter handles default functions with concatenation
This PR verifies that the SQLite3 adapter effectively manages default functions involving the || concatenation operator.

Add SQLite3 support for supports_insert_returning?
The SQLite3 adapter has been updated to include support for supports_insert_returning?. By fully implementing this contract, the SQLite3 adapter now provides compatibility for auto-populated columns and custom primary keys.

Add documentation for locals: and local_assigns
This adds extensive documentation for locals: and local_assigns. Worth the read.

Improve strict_loading documentation
Still on documentation, strict_loading  now has examples to clarify its usage with singular associations.

34 contributors graced Rails with contributions this past week.

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