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March 12, 2022

What Saracens’ winning celebrations say about Tigers’ progress

Something has been lingering in my subconscious all week, not quite rising to the surface, but there. Definitely there. It’s taken a week, but some clarity has now come.

It’s to do with the way Saracens celebrated beating us last week.

They really celebrated.

There was an intensity and passion there.

Without going back and watching all their celebrations when beating us in recent years, this sure felt different.

It felt like it mattered. That it meant something.

And loathe as I am to ever see anything positive in Saracens having a reason to celebrate, I think there is a positive to be found.

A confirmation if you like.

The whispers have been growing week by week, but I think we all know we don’t need to whisper it any more.

Tigers are back.

And somehow, seeing how much beating us meant to Saracens was all the confirmation I needed.

Beating Tigers hasn’t meant much in recent years. 

Now it does again.

And that feeling is glorious.

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