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April 28, 2022

Will Tigers win any silverware this season?

Like most Tigers fans, I’ve been fully caught up in what has been a remarkable season. Even after our outstanding unbeaten run came to an end, we have continued to push on. We currently sit top of the league, we’re in the quarter-finals of Europe, and our third/fourth team made it to the semi-finals of the Premiership Cup. Amazing!

But what next? We’re now into the business end of the season. A European quarter-final with Leinster awaits. And a Premiership semi-final is assured. How likely are Tigers to come away from these two competitions with the winning trophies though?

I think there’s almost an assumption amongst many fans that Leicester will come out of this season with silverware. How can we not after this season we’ve had?

And yet, truth be told, I would consider Tigers winning anything this season an absolute bonus. But I don’t expect us to. 

I don’t think that would be a problem either. Let’s be honest, most fans would have taken squeaking into the top four of the Premiership as a success this season. And getting to the quarter-finals in Europe, beating several French sides along the way? Hell yeah! 

Offered that kind of progress at the start of the season, we’d all have taken it.

Of course, now that we’ve over-achieved in the league, and in Europe, we get greedy for success. We want to win all the things!

But, like I say, I have a sense we may end up without silverware. That would in no ways diminish the huge success of our season though. This season is already a huge success. We have progressed and improved immeasurably. The whole culture of the club has been transformed. Whatever else happens this season, it’s one we fans can be incredibly proud of.

The reason I think that silverware may be a step too far this season though is because I don’t think we’re quite at Saracens or Leinster’s level, and don’t have their experience. If either of those sides play at their best, I think those games (assuming, say, we played Sarries in a Premiership final) might be just beyond us this season.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be cheering for Tigers to come away with wins. And hoping that we overachieve, stop them playing their best, and pull off wins. I’m just being pragmatic. Good as we’ve been this season, and as much progress as we’ve made, we’re still a side with a lot of young, inexperienced players. 

Winning silverware might be just out of reach this season. It’s next season, with the lessons learned about the levels required, that I would expect to see us push forward to winning silverware. (Much as I would gladly cheer and celebrate it happening this year!)

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