Tim Brown

March 5, 2021

Hey world

Publishing a blog/newsletter through HEY seems like a pretty fun idea, so I’m giving it a try. Because of the way HEY is designed, I feel good using it for email. And I feel good right now too, writing this note. :)

I’ve made design tweaks to my website, but I haven’t posted anything in a long time. Only so many hours in the day. Been focused more on work and parenting. Plus, 2016–2021 has been pretty demoralizing.

Anyway, lemme tell you about what I did today.

  • First I got up, took care of my dogs (two of them are old, so it’s a process), and made coffee. Sent a message to one of my nephews, today’s his birthday.

  • Next I got started on a busy workday. Replied to some slack messages, triaged email, handled expenses. Drafted a planning document, wrote a meeting agenda, more coffee.

  • Then meetings, all solid. Crisp, positive, moved us forward. Nine calls, six different teams. Answers, decisions, strategy, camaraderie, introductions, bonding, innovation, and alignment. A mix of product strategy and design discussion — just how I like it.

  • Finally, had a beer. Broke down some delivery boxes. Ate dinner. Fed the dogs. Did the dishes. Definitely didn’t spend enough time with my girls today. I’ll make up for it tomorrow.

About Tim Brown

Hey there! 👋 Tim Brown here. I’m a designer, author, speaker, and maker of tools. My special interest is typography, a fancy word that means using fonts. This newsletter is very occasional and includes a mix of both professional & personal things.

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