Tim Brown

March 14, 2021

Opening some parentheses

I work with a dozen different teams. Some more than others, depending on the pace/schedule of projects and the collaboration model.

Most days I have no meetings, or a few short meetings, and lots of unscheduled time. Other days, my calendar is completely packed. I would say the ratio is 50/50. Good meetings are like tiny milestones so I work toward them when I need to, and I respond afterward by taking or saving next actions.

Deciding how to spend unscheduled time is an incredible privilege. It can be stressful, but it is also one of the greatest joys of working — I survey upcoming meetings, check projects’ momentum, and consider my state of mind. I currently have ways of doing each of these things that are working well for me. I’ve also successfully avoided distractions.

Looking forward to another good week. Maybe I’ll write more about some of this some time.

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