Tim Brown

March 6, 2021

Peas on Friday

Another day in the books but I worked too hard, like yesterday. Eileen is very supportive but I can’t keep it up like this. I have a great manager and a great team, we’ll ease it up somehow, but it’s a tall order. The projects are all important and engaging.

Man, even this note is all about work!

Peas. That’s what I started with. Peas came up twice today. First my brother Greg reminded me of a facial expression my nephew made when he was little, like he couldn’t believe he was being tricked into eating peas.

Then for dinner I ate peas with pasta. Our meal plan this week is “use up what we have”.

Three-day weekend ahead. I feel like reading and drawing. We’ll see what the girls want to do, maybe some Nintendo. Probably catch up on chores, budgeting. Bring cardboard to the transfer station, gas up the truck. It’ll be good to get some fresh air, too.

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