Tim Brown

April 28, 2021

What I’m doing lately 🧑‍💻

Conference talks, demos, utilities, articles ... during my 18-year(!) career, I’ve been able to work on side projects like these regularly. One of my favorite side projects is my personal website. I found a little time a few months ago to tinker with the way it looks. I like it.

What I haven’t made time to do is share many updates about the work I do every day. I mean look at my website — the most recent thing in the Recently section is from 2018!

And I’m not going to make time for it now, either. Haha. It’s almost 9:30pm as I type this. My children are fooling around down the hall instead of going to bed, so I’ll need to shepherd them along unless they miraculously settle down. 

But I’ll give you a teaser.

Since mid-2018 when my book was published, I’ve met hundreds more people at Adobe and my team reorganized to take responsibility for the UX of all Creative Cloud text tools. I spent 2019 meeting people, 2020 forging multi-team processes, and so far 2021 has been about scaling up. This is some of the richest, most rewarding work I’ve ever done, and each day is full of encouragement and camaraderie. It’s a special situation, and I’ve been trying not to waste even a minute. But someday I’ll need to tell more stories about this time.

It’s a miracle! My children have settled down. I think I will too.

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