Todd Grotenhuis

March 8, 2021

📚 Finished Reading: The Fate of Food

The Fate of Food by Amanda Little ⭐️⭐️⭐️, Recommended

fate of food.jpg

I recommend this book for all who want to learn about the complex challenges of maintaining a scalable, healthy, sustainable food ecosystem.

Here is my summary (from my public notes):
The threats to a scalable, healthy, sustainable food ecosystem are many. There are no easy solutions.
Ultimately, the title of the book is unresolved. This is not through lack of trying, but due to the complexity of the situation and the numerous challenges we are up against.

Chapter by chapter, we get a journalistic glimpse at each of those key challenge areas. For each area, we learn about an ongoing experiment, often one that is a third way between traditional sustainable practices and a technological solution. We don’t get to see the future, but we do see some of the work that might signal the future and the fate of food.
Back-to-the-land and primitivists won’t be happy with this book. Big Ag and Big Biotech won’t be happy with this book. But maybe that’s a sign that the author is truly grappling with the very tough situation we are in.

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