Todd Grotenhuis

March 4, 2021

Hey World


Whether you are coming from, Resilient, my public notes, or some other route, I’m glad you're here.

I’m on a mission to move to technologies that respect our time, attention, privacy, and security. The folks at Basecamp/Hey have a thoughtful track record on this front, so I'm happy to be trying out this new service.

I’ll be exploring this space as the place to put medium- or long-form thoughts, but probably not micro-updates (e.g. like you might see in Twitter, Mastodon, or I’ll likely also write some short link-posts, sharing out interesting writing or items that have been recently added to my public notes.

I write about, and expect to continue to write about, a variety of topics. Many ideas fall under the broad umbrella of Resilience (cybersecurity, sustainability, and societal & personal resilience). I often share excitement about my hobbies (reading, outdoors, soccer/rugby, tabletop games, and music). I play with humor, especially satire. I think out loud a great deal about strategy, leadership, philosophy, and building a better future. Everything is, of course, informed by my beliefs (more on those here).

If you want to follow along this journey or stay up-to-date, you can do one of the following:
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    • with this method, it's easy to reply and start a conversation with me about any post (don't worry, this won't go on the web, just to my email)
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In the spirit of respecting your time and attention, all of these options enable you to to follow along on your time and your schedule, rather than needing to repeatedly refresh a social networking sites to check on the people you follow.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or responses. I look forward to hearing from you!