April Littrell

February 7, 2022

Amateur poetry club

How are you? Hope you're well. The birds are singing. War's a-brewing. Hell on earth tastes like empty days of laze laced with strawberry rhubarb beer and the unscented waft of no one near you across the table, or in the bed, only awful far-ness filled with a nose of naughty daytime explorations of the uninterpreted self. I wrote a poe...
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May 31, 2021


What's the last thing you tossed or deleted for good? Utterly. Irrevocably. Irretrievably. I've been yeeting old photos recently, as the kids would say. Sending media in my endless library to the electron bin to be written over with zeros. It's scary but cathartic. I don't want to accidentally delete something I'll wish I'd kept. I als...
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March 27, 2021

Expiration, liberation

About to head off on a run. Second of the spring. It's 14C. Lumy let me know it'll be golden hour soon and I want to lap up those sweet honey rays. I'll be listening to a foreign policy podcast. Wish I could zoom on until I reached some unknown destination, shower there and bed down in somewhere other than the place I've been the past ...
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March 4, 2021

Howdy world

How are ya? It's me, Tom. This barebones newsletter service released today as part of my new email sanctuary—HEY. I'm comfy on my personal blog, tomlittrell.com, but it's not suitable for notifying my minuscule readership of new posts. I sent something out from Substack once or twice but even that is too cumbersome for someone not [act...
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