Tony Messias

July 29, 2022

Stimulus and Laravel

I've been using Stimulus more and more with Turbo since it was made for that. And every time I get myself wanting a simple way to create a Stimulus Controller and register it.

I thought of adding a `artisan stimulus:make` command to the Turbo Laravel package, but that would be quite a stretch. That package shouldn't really be concerned with Stimulus stuff, IMO.

So I'm working on a new package: Stimulus Laravel. It's a port of the `stimulus-rails` gem from the Hotwired org. It will handle Stimulus installation and setup, as well as make it easy to create and register new Stimulus controllers.

Therefore, the plan is to remove everything related to Stimulus from the Turbo Laravel package since it will be moved to this new package. I already got a proof of concept locally, but I'm gonna take the following days to work on it a little bit more and make it work nicely for Vite as well as for the Importmap Laravel package, which is my primary setup.

I just wanted to let y'all know.