Andy Trattner

November 17, 2021

A Clandestine Visitor

We have a mascot at Sukkha Wasi! Today Reiman named him Clanny.


Clanny has been visiting for months now. He comes down from the neighbor's place in the back to enjoy our public water bowl along with a generous food source in Maya.


For the past few weeks, I've been trying to lay down some rules: no jumping or barking or begging, the kitchen is off limits, etc. I insisted that Maya stop doling out treats without at least making him sit first.

But I was absolutely stumped when a group brought their dog to the restaurant, and the world's longest hump-fest began in the middle of our patio.

Customers reacted with mild amusement, "welcome to Ecuador". The other dog's owner wanted Clanny to stay because apparently their dog doesn't have many opportunities to "socialize", and it seemed like they were "having fun playing".

It was obscene. Yesterday, we installed a fence.


Despite blocking his main patio entry point, we could not deter Clanny from finding a way into his favorite hideaway hangout. As of this morning, I have given up and accepted him, hence the name.

I respect his good-natured perseverance. I admire how he reacts to any sort of chastising by immediately laying down, body limp and non-combative, chin to the ground. Clanny remains in that position as long as it takes, gently resisting any physical relocation attempts, while looking at you disarmingly and apologetically.

"Thus the expert in battle moves the enemy, and is not moved by him." (Sun Tzu)

Clanny has won me over. For the first time ever, I affectionately gave him some treats and exerted serious training efforts. I guess he's no longer just a dogged visitor; he's now a fully-fledged four-legged friend.