Andy Trattner

October 6, 2021

A Move-in Mango

I'm celebrating!


Not only did this ripe deliciousness come 3 for $1, but also I finally feel happy and comfortable in my new home today.

Here's what it looked like on August 1:

Thanks to my excellent maestros, Angel and Monfilio, here's what it looks like now:


On the first night, I accidentally locked myself in the bedroom. No matter how hard I turned the key, the deadbolt wouldn't retract! Since iron bars cover the window, I had to wait for my workers to arrive the next morning. That's not beer in the cup...

On the second evening, the power went out, and I discovered my window leaks water inside during windy storms. Overall, things were not so smooth. 

Today, I went on my first big shopping trip since moving in. I filled the kitchen, organized my stuff, got quotes for various appliances, and sawed some planks to make a desk. 

Now that I'm much more settled, with a full week and change behind me, it's really wonderful being here.


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