Andy Trattner

November 18, 2021

A Year in Ecuador

It's my one-year anniversary of moving to Ecuador!

I remember very clearly this day last year, busing from Guayaquil to Machala in the morning, eating a chicken sandwich and drinking hot coffee in a little plastic cup as I insulted all the locals complaining about the loud music and explained to the lovely grandma lady next to me that no, it was not night time way over there in far-off America.

I didn't know at the outset that I would end up living here. I was simply traveling open-mindedly, looking to reset for a couple months and close out a wild 2020 with some reflective time. I was lucky to be between cities and jobs, with space to explore different potential paths forward.

Where do I want to steer my life?

I'm continuously discovering that is the wrong question. The destination will always be open-ended. Focusing on how to live has proven much more fruitful.

In the short term, I will continue building Sukkha Wasi, with writing and other professional artist habit cultivation on the side. In the long run, I'd like to ratchet the culture forward by refining and sharing my voice.

As I look forward to visiting family for Thanksgiving, I'm grateful that in the last year I've made a lot of peace with the fact that reality is un-tamable. There's no way to live in perfect harmony with one's higher calling. In so many dimensions, I still and always will have a long long way to go.

Happy trails!


oh, the early days of joyful coconut truck-riding novelty with fellow travelers