Andy Trattner

November 11, 2021

Advice on Starting a Blog

1. You should do it. 

If you haven't ever considered it, then consider it. If you have considered it, and thought—even for a split second—that it might be worthwhile, then trust will be! Proceed to step 2.

2. You should merely do it. 

You could spend your first writing session googling "best blogging platforms" or you could spend it writing. Open a free account with Substack / Medium (or pay for Hey like me) and crank out a post. Doesn't matter where—set a timer, get it done—but don't hide unpublished in a google doc! You need not tell anyone about your crappy first post. By next week, nobody will care anyways...and hopefully you'll have a couple more out by then!

3. You have good ideas and will generate even more. 

If you try Morning Pages, you'll surely discover that you have things to say in writing. They're waiting to come out, but they're blocked by a few throwaways. I sat for a good 45 minutes staring at my screen before writing this in the last half hour. The key was spending those first 45 minutes scribbling and deleting sentence thought fragments until I got unblocked. Seth's advice is also helpful; I enjoyed scrolling through my subscriber list and getting warm fuzzies thinking about what I might say to you people today that could change your life. So here it is. I hope you'll take me up on it, and I can't wait to subscribe.