Andy Trattner

November 4, 2021

All-In on Sukkha Wasi

In my last post, I mentioned owning a business would be the next step to keep my funemployment going strong through 2022. A few people asked what business I was talking about...

This is Sukkha Wasi, la Casa de Cultura! It's a tea house + pottery studio + tai chi dojo + restaurant.

My adopted Korean-Ecuadorian mom, Maya Choi, started Sukkha Wasi earlier this year. She worked incredibly hard to make the space functional and beautiful, then invited me to help out.

I moved to San Pedro de Vilcabamba on October 15 and have been fully focused on growing the restaurant since then. So far, we put lights on the patio, got more tables, hired a waitress, reformatted and repriced the menu, deployed a POS/KDS app, opened for additional days / meals, ran a board game night, etc.

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 8.09.05 PM.png

My current goal is to hit $600/week average revenue. Then we can finally pay ourselves a living wage in addition to rent, staff, and groceries.

It's been incredibly rewarding to work on something concrete after a year and change of unstructured journeying. I'm enjoying the weekly cadence as well as our lovely customers, who rave about the food and keep coming back!

However, it's also been very busy. Now that I have some professional inertia going after the initial immersion phase, it's time for me to re-prioritize my health as well as creative projects outside of work (e.g. this blog).

Thank you Maya for this amazing opportunity! I'm grateful to be running the family business together :)

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