Andy Trattner

January 22, 2022

An Evergreen Home Activities List

  1. Sleeping
  2. Meditation
  3. Yoga
  4. Exercise
  5. Slow walk, stargazing
  6. Mindful minimal eating
  7. Journaling, musing
  8. Writing, blogging
  9. Creative hobby (painting, music, pottery, long G45+ chess game, flow)
  10. Reading a book
  11. Cooking, gardening, cleaning, rewarding mindful choring
  12. Making a gift, writing a letter, deep convo reconnecting with a friend
  13. 3-5min email check or other time-boxed work, investments
  14. News articles, chatting
  15. Movies, TV, social media, online poker, dessert, pacifier-variety fun
  16. Accidental non-work, losing time

Prioritized from recharging / focusing / internal / present / still / oneness...
to discharging / distracting / external / consumption / noisy / scattered.

The top half is frequently underrated.


This morning I observed a beautiful sunrise over the sacred valley of longevity on Maya's meditation rock. My mind-body state hovered around #5, although I was attempting to make the leap to #2.

Fishing might fall along the same 2/5 lines, rather than a #9. Family time is among #11-#12, depending on how your batteries look and the specific interaction dynamic. If it's a really great and special moment, perhaps #5-#6. Podcasting, or the meaty art of publishing in general, may also sit with #8.

I'm trying to precisely pin down some value system in this ranking, although it's hard to say exactly which...
I guess who you are is what you do. Maybe this is a kind of aspirational Maslow-Godin mashup.

Note that it's a home activities list. Ideally work and the depletion of #13+ can take place elsewhere, on an orthogonal axis. In my case, this means walking down the mountain to better internet and the bustle of Sukkha Wasi.

While we're playing at this game of Andy-classification, here's some fodder for #10: my greatest influences.

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