Andy Trattner

June 23, 2023

Dear Derek Sivers

Hi Derek,

I purchased "How to Live" over a year ago, and just listened to your podcast with Tim while traveling. Here is a screenshot of my player:


As you can see, I consume a lot of Seth Godin and Tyler Cowen! I've had the pleasure of speaking with each briefly, over zoom, and they loom large as influences on my life and thinking.

I've never heard of someone else who regards both of them as highly as you and I do, so I had to reach out and say hi, especially after you asked for listeners to send you notes :)

I live in Quito for now, and co-created a Korean restaurant down south in Loja, so please let me know if you ever come by to explore Ecuador! Also, here are some resources you might find useful to make chess fun for your son (or just jump to the minigames).

I really love your tech independence guide, and more generally thanks a bunch for generously sharing your ideas and musings with the world. Keep doing you. 

Happy Friday,

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