Andy Trattner

November 16, 2021

Embracing The Practice

I want to commit my foreseeable future life to a single grand project: excelling at a job, developing a romance, running a restaurant, or writing a book. The ambitious part of me says, "Let's do something super big and important!"

I also want to re-evaluate my life priorities on a daily basis. The neurotic part of me says, "We should probably spend a bunch of time reflecting if this thing we're doing is actually the most important."

In order to give myself more creative breathing room, as I wrote 173 blog posts ago, it helps to postpone the questions.

My work doesn't have to be identity-defining. It could just be the thing I'm doing this week. Trying to ground myself in personal truth wastes a bunch of time when that truth is liable to shift under my feet.

Why not shorten the sprint cycle? Ship something. Repeat.

Be grounded in the process, a daily practice, instead.