Andy Trattner

March 3, 2022

Lex is OK

It's a beautiful rainy Wednesday here in Vilcabamba. I just finished listening to Lex Fridman interview Thomas Tull.

"Thomas Tull is founder of Legendary Entertainment, Tulco, part-owner of Pittsburgh Steelers, and guitarist for the band Ghost Hounds." (FYI Legendary is behind the Batman Dark Knight Trilogy, Jurassic World, many more.)

Wow. Never heard of him!

The interview was wide-ranging and awesome. I especially liked the second half where things turn more towards the human condition. And anything with George Church is fun.

Announcing my new podcast, The Andy Pod! At the end of episode 1 (minute 38), I expressed an opinion on Lex that I must now retract. Thank you Mina for spelling out the bull case, and priming me to download this last chance for Lex. Podcast gossip can change lives ;)

Lex and Tull make some half-subtle references to global geopolitics and culture. It's fascinating that the interviews I resonate most strongly with have very strong Western-Americana-Exceptionalistic (biased) vibes.

James, when you're ready, let's have at! I'm excited to explore this thread a bit further. We've come a long way from last year's old podcast!

Good night internet 🙏

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