Andy Trattner

June 2, 2024


Based in Singapore

Or more accurately, wherever the intersection of my girlfriend & tourist visa requirements are. She's from here and likely staying until ~August 2025.

Singapore is amazing, modern, hot. Good food abounds. Local language is English. I can do 90-day stints, possibly with a month in Malaysia between, still figuring that part out.

My sister introduced us. They were besties in SF for the last couple years. We began dating on a whirlwind Asia trip I took in March - April thru Singapore / Vietnam / Japan, and we moved in together after my Alaska trip in May (below).

I'm excited for my first serious relationship to be my last. So far it's been amazing! Also starting to learn some Mandarin Chinese.

A year of Shuffle

Website, Washington Post Article, NPR Segment

I'm happy to have hit my internal deadline to pay myself $5k/mo as cofounder. A year ago, I thought I would have to start looking for a job by June 2024 after shutting down Senseg.

It's been rewarding to work with our team to serve our customers. The podcast on our website gives a taste of how we change people's lives and have fun doing it.

I joined less than a year ago, at a $37k revenue run-rate. Now we're above $500k annual and sustainably profitable. It's not unreasonable to imagine 7-figures of revenue and an 8-figure exit in the next couple years.

Health and Fitness

Roughly every 3 days, I jog 4 miles and lift weights. I'm pretty sensitive to diet and sleep. Not super regimented or with any particular targets yet, but I'm eating fewer carbs and self-labeling as "alcohol intolerant".

All-In Podcast

The most significant component of my information diet. As I think about where to live post-Singapore, I'm increasingly concerned about the future of the world and especially the USA (politics and the national debt). My perspective is biased by this entertaining weekly show.

I have yet to dive into their speculations and really assess all the source material for myself. If anyone has counterbalancing perspectives, articles, or interest in discussing, I'd love to learn more. How does the future look to you, and why?

On a recent jog, a thought crossed my mind that American culture might be under-valued as a stabilizing force + competitive edge. But I'm very curious about how Prospera cities, crypto, and other systems will evolve.

I should probably learn more about the past. Robert Caro's The Power Broker has been sitting on my bedside table, mostly unread, for a month now. Otherwise, I've been consuming mostly Netfilx + Apple TV + anime: 3 Body Problem, Severance, Foundation, Mushoku Tensei, Frieren, Demon Slayer.

Alaska Cruise

Now that I'm partnered, my 3+ years of roving solo travel have come to an end. A fitting final hurrah was a cruise I took in May with college buddies to Alaska. We booked it two years prior in 2022, and it was worth the wait!

I'd love to continue traveling for social purposes, reconnecting with friends and spending quality time together, especially while I'm working remotely and before having kids. Hit me up to plan a trip!

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