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August 25, 2023

Seth just mentioned ME?!

I made a 30-second clip for posterity - Watch it, read the description, and please tell me what happened because I am still pinching myself!

For those who did not suffer through the early years, this was my first blog post: Thanks Seth. A few ways I've "worked" with him since are detailed here.

In summary:
  • sent him fan e-mail.
  • sent him more fan e-mail.
  • submitted annoyingly many questions to his pod.
  • internet stalked to mail him my first book (he's acknowledged).
  • bought and tried to gift him .sethgodin/ (he called it "teaching me something new" instead of "creepy").

We eventually ended up speaking on zoom for 10 minutes, a direct 1:1. I was partially selling him Welcome (a new webinar platform) for his 2020 Akimbo workshops. But mostly just basking in His radiant presence.

The beautiful thing about Seth, we mutually acknowledged in the call, is that you don't actually need to talk with him in order to know what he will say. He's been prolifically generous and public with his work.

Writing it all down now makes this next part sound a bit dumb. But I have really always felt I was in the Derek Sivers camp: "I haven't talked to my mentors in years, and one of them doesn't even know I exist."

I assumed Seth didn't really know who I was. He speaks with so many people all the time! In my correspondence I would always start from the place of a friendly stranger.

Turns out I was wrong, in more ways than one. I was in the Derek Sivers camp: "Seth Godin...he knows I exist."

Huge thanks to Tiger for tipping me off that Seth happened to be speaking at a random event on Welcome(!) yesterday.

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