September 10, 2021

An invisible army wants to destroy your home

There’s an army waiting to ravage your home right now. Ready to do real damage. To inflict real pain. Without mercy. And you won’t even know it’s happening until it’s too late. 

I’m talking about mold. 

This stuff’s nasty. It holds no prisoners. All it needs is some food and a little bit of moisture, and it’s on the warpath.

One of its favourite things to snack on is drywall. And by snack on, I mean eat right through. So before you know it, your wall is no more. Savage.

But that’s only if it gets access to moisture from the likes of…

  • Sudden water damage like a broken water pipe, hot water heater leak or a washing machine overflowing.
  • A ventilation problem from too much furniture in a room, a fault with your air conditioning, no exhaust fan in your bathroom, or a damp basement
  • Or outside problems like soil sloping towards your home, clogged gutters or a leaky roof.

So stop the moisture, and you’ll stop the invisible army. 

Unless it’s too late…

If you find mold anywhere in your home, we can have local experts out to find the moisture, get it dry, clean up the mess and show you how to stop it coming back.

Book instantly online, and they’ll be out to you within one hour on average, and for 44% less than you’d pay anywhere else.

Thanks to @ Dave Harland for writing this guest post! As always, call us if any questions about how to prevent or cleanup mold. Thanks for reading.