September 10, 2021

Can you believe what these people said?

This email was almost going to be about the story of Umpire... how it all started back in 1962, the day we cleaned some fire damaged comic books, and what the blue P in our logo really means. 

But instead of telling you what we’re all about. I’ll let our Google reviewers do it instead…

  • Patrick said: “I had a late-night plumbing emergency and was able to get on the phone with Umpire that night and get someone over for a quote the next morning. Best experience I’ve had. Amazing company.”

  • Paula said: “I am so pleased with Umpire. They made a rough situation due to a grease fire go by a lot smoother.”

  • Sarah said: “Umpire is head and shoulders above anyone else in this industry.”

  • And Kim said: “Umpire Mitigation acted quickly when we needed help!”

Thanks Kim, that’s exactly what we’re about!

So the next time you have water, fire, or mold problems, book instantly online, and our local experts will be out to fix things in a flash.

And for 44% less than you’d pay anywhere else.

Thanks to @ Dave Harland for writing this guest post! As always, call us if any questions or to find out how we can make you happy. Thanks for reading.

P.S. You’re still wondering what the blue P is all about, right?