September 10, 2021

Could you dodge four baseballs at once?

If I threw four baseballs at you right now, how many do you think you could dodge? Two? Maybe three? You’ve got no chance of dodging all four though. 

Now imagine those balls were big fat splodges of rain, powering down towards you from the sky at 100mph. You’re going to get wet, right? 

This kind of howling rain doesn’t fall very often, but a scary weather phenomenon called microbursts have been more frequent across the US in the past few years.

These things are basically the opposite of tornadoes, so rather than sucking up everything in their path, they dump several inches of rain down in just a few minutes. 

What if one fell on your home? 

Microbursts usually happen in spring and summer, and while they’re more common east of the Rockies, they can occur anywhere across the country. 

And the worst thing: normal insurance policies don’t usually cover flooding from heavy rains, rivers, or sewers (talk to your agent today to ask/add coverage)

But if you’re one of the unlucky ones that get rained on, you’re not completely out of options. We can have a local cleanup crew out to your home within one hour on average. They will:

  • Remove visible moisture and check for hidden moisture behind or under walls, ceilings, and floors with a thermal camera and moisture meter.
  • Remove flooring, drywall, or baseboards if needed (if you let them)
  • Then sanitize your home and get it dry fast with fans and a dehumidifier

So, if you ever have a flood, book instantly online, and we’ll have your home dry again – for around 44% less than you’ll pay anywhere else.

If you want some more information on Flood Insurance check out this article from Hippo.

PS. Now try the baseball thing and let me know how many you dodged.

Thanks to @ Dave Harland for writing this guest post and Hippo for the informative article. Hopefully, they inspire you to take preventative action. As always, call us if needed, and thanks for reading.