September 10, 2021

How to make loyalty

Demand loyalty?
I used to work for a franchise where it was mandatory to attend their conventions. The franchisor made it mandatory because franchisees stopped attending. They stopped attending because the conventions were mediocre, did not provide value to the franchisee. A franchisor is unique in that it can force its customers, the franchisee, to buy its product. But contracts only last so long and will eventually expire.   

Or earn it?
"It's hard to get customers but easy to keep them" is so true. You sell (educate) your customer what they need and you support them (friendly communication and provide resources) when they need it. It's that simple, do that and you have a customer for life.

Walk the talk
How can you tell a company earns it? Check their Google reviews. If you are an insurance agent or adjuster and need Umpire's help supporting your customer when they have a water or fire loss we are here for you. If you are a homeowner and want to know ways to prevent damage before it occurs, email

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