September 10, 2021

How to stop your kitchen killing you

There’s no denying it: your kitchen is a death trap. 

With sharp metallic objects that slice and dice, and blenders that whizz around really fast, it’s a wonder you’ve got any fingers left. 

Then, if you’re not careful with your sink, that thing’ll overflow in the blink of an eye, making the floor nice and slippy for your next big tumble.

Lastly, there’s the stuff that gets hot. Really hot. Burn-your-house-down hot. And it’s the hot stuff that usually does the most damage.

So what can you do about it?

Stopping your stove, hot plate, or other appliance starting a fire mainly comes down to keeping your kitchen clean and organised…

  • Keep your counters free of unnecessary clutter
  • Store paper towels and rags away from your stove 
  • Put food wrappers in the trash once opened
  • Spread out your small appliances
  • Unplug everything when you’re done

But even in the tidiest kitchens, accidents do happen…

And if one happens in your home, we can have a local expert cleanup team out within one hour on average – for around 44% less than you’ll pay anywhere else.

So, if you ever have a fire, book instantly online, and we’ll have your home smoke-free and liveable again with zero hassle. 

PS. Don’t even get me started on candles!

Thanks to @ Dave Harland for writing this guest post, and he's right, we have cleaned many a smoke damage caused by unattended cooking and candles. So if you leave the room, get someone else to watch that boiling pot or blow the candle out. As always, call us if needed, and thanks for reading.