January 19, 2022

People overcomplicate things

Our home internet router can't be moved. It's located in a room wired to a small satellite dish outside.
One day the electric outlets in that room stop working.
Our internet is down! I have online projects that must be done.
So, acting quickly, I throw my laptop in the truck and drive to the end of the driveway where my cell phone signal is strong. Proud of myself for handling adversity, I sit in the truck on my laptop all day and get everything done.

Later that day, I call our electrician Billy. I explain what happened, my solution, and schedule him to repair the problem.
Billy asks one simple question; why didn't you run an extension cord from the server to another room so you could have stayed in the house?

It's reminded me ever since to think; keep solutions simple.

Here's a few simple solutions for you...

Keeping Customers (and getting new ones!)
Harry's Newsletter has some simple marketing and copywriting solutions.

Prevention (and maintenance)
How to repair small holes in drywall, a simple video from Fixer. If you need more solutions we can help at Umpire.

Free Estimate Reviews (or stop overcharges)
Some mitigation companies are charging for PPE for Covid. But sometimes they aren't wearing it. A simple solution, always ask for job pictures showing their technicians wearing the PPE.

Thanks for reading! 

Stephen / Umpire