November 8, 2021

What's your communication?

Keeping Customers
Everyone has a different medium to communicate. Some like Dave, write like master storytellers that get you engaged. Others are verbal and shine under the camera's lights, Dane comes to mind, conveying emotions. I communicate best with action, getting it done. In today's busy world, you need to consistently do all three to keep customers; get them interested, connect, and then deliver. If you need help with any of the three, reach out to any of us.

We have seen so many damages through the years that could have been prevented. Thousands of dollars people could have kept in their pockets. We developed a simple, and free, solution to help you. See how to Prevent Damage.

Free Estimate Reviews
Think you were overcharged? Need someone else to verify that in writing? We are adding a page to our website that will let you upload Xactimate water damage estimates for comparison. It will instantly highlight any uncommon charges with notes of what is commonly charged in the industry. Look for it in early 2022. In the meantime, we are happy to manually help you anytime, just email the estimate in question to

Thanks for reading! 

Stephen / Umpire