Vina Chalice

July 3, 2023

Can you mansplain a man's intuition? Probably not.

Can you mansplain a man's intuition? Probably not. 

But I will say this:

In dating, men can assess that: "She's crazy (in bed)" or "She's not serious. She just wants attention" or "THAT ONE will make my ex jealous."

In work, men can make quick decisions like: "This guy's a blue. Give him the data to analyze, and he'll tell us what we're missing" or "This prospective client has no idea what they want. Make it clear that we only do 2 revisions. Everything else is extra." or "Give her a little more encouragement, and she'll get it done in the way you want it. Or maybe even better." 

In health, it can look like: "Oh, it's leg day," without looking at the calendar. Or "Can't eat that many colors. My stomach will hate me."

Call it pattern recognition. Sure, there's logical and factual reasoning behind it. Or maybe, is it possible to be tapped in!!

But nevertheless, these quick, blink-of-an-eye "I just know" moments are worth paying attention to. If you can accurately make snap judgments and know what to do next, then that's a skill that saves you time, pain, and money.

Money. Money. Money. Am I speaking your language now?

Your intuition (if you don't poo-poo it because it's woo-woo) can free up your mental bandwidth so that you can take the action steps for what are good risks, good feelings, and good changes, versus the fear and backlog of self-worth issues talking yourself out of things.

Notice it and jot it down when you have these hunches that tell you something is working. And also, when it's time to end things, course-correct, and not look back!

If you need the results to speak for themselves, then you can set those parameters with your internal guidance system too. 

You: "Hey intuition, can you give me proof/evidence that this is working or not working?" 

Intuition:  "Most likely yes, bro. But IRL, if you can't see the forest for the trees, you're f*cked." 

The cosmic joker is funny in a way where what you want is sometimes the carrot dangling on the stick (certainty), but not what is going to give you the keys to what you need (trusting yourself despite uncertainty).

The skill development of trusting yourself (with and without evidence) is essential in helping you break free from survival mode and enter the realm of possibilities, or, well, winning.

While intuition may not be helpful in finding your matching socks, its impact can alter the way you respond to the world around you, enabling you to be less guarded and open to life's adventures. Happy Monday!

Much love,
Vina Chalice
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