Vina Chalice

June 19, 2023

Did you ever read books that give you tingles?

Did you ever read books that give you tingles?
If you're anything like me, energy sensitive.....
Some books that you read (usually from channelers), is definitely encoded with light and gives you more life.

So one of the first that booked a light language session w/ me through my interview w/ Jamie,  WHO ALSO has the same unique name as my previous therapist gave me a gift. Co in ki dink or a synchronicity?

It was the book, "Embracing the Spirit of Nature" by Linda Shaylor Cooper. (there's no freaking way it's $43.10 on Amazon...really?!) 

I just so happened to flip a page randomly to see if there was a message for me.
There's this superstitious thing I do when I'm at a bookstore (or the book section at the thrift store). It's the equivalent of opening a fortune cookie or doing an oracle card pull.

The rules:
1. I flip through the page randomly. It can be ANY book.
2. Pick a number from 1-10 (let's say 4)
3. Choose: Left or Right (let's say right)
4. Randomly flip the pages of the book until I feel nudged to stop.
5. And then use my finger to find either line 4 on the right side of the page.
6. As a meaning maker, obsess over it for a while until I find the magic!


The page says: We are sending and receiving pulses of information and energy at all times.
That resonates!

Your turn! Follow the rules and hit reply and let me know what you're reading. Happy Monday!


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