Vina Chalice

March 17, 2023

do that thing that goes against your old system


I asked a medium once why I deserved to live and be here. In paradise. Thailand 2011-2016.

I was lucky. I woke up in a private resort that was never advertised.

I lived in China for several years and needed to get out. It was a sensory overload, a light show for gods, organized chaos...grand, majestic, hospitable and wonderful, yet tacky, illogical, and repetitive. Crowds always in your face, yet good at saving face. It was a harmonious discord for a Highly Sensitive Being.

I was out of alignment with my inner being, and there was too much noise that I couldn't hear myself.

So I manifested this peaceful and tranquil time to heal. I got to dip my toes in the salt water and sand. And hear the sound of birds and wind. Watch the colors change in the sky, and lotus flowers open and close every morning and night. Sometimes when I laid by the pool, a blue dragonfly would land on my hand.

The medium told me that I deserved a break. I needed to explore what deep rest felt like. Looked like. And that was foreign to me. I went through a lot growing up. This was my time off from all that was unhealthy and hurtful to me.

I unraveled my frazzled nervous system. And all those made up stories I told myself that perpetuated self-hate.

You may not know how to take a break. At first, your nervous system may not be a fan.

But until you do that thing that goes against your old system, those creative sparks, epiphanies and waves of peace won't come.

The best mother loving thing you can do for yourself is heal.

Be gentle. Sit in silence long enough to listen to your thoughts and feel your feelings.

The channeling and convos with spirit guides, fairies, angels, aliens and stuff comes later (but not necessary). This whole journey is all about returning to your inner being.

Above self-love, self-compassion, and self-care is your inner being. And with that arrives self-agency. The ingredients you need to make a life worth signing by you. 🌺✨

Watcha doing tonight? 🍀

3/17 I’m at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community tonight @ 7pm. Channeling Night with me where I'll be bringing through Fairy Isabella and the Archangels to speak and play.

Lol, its cold. I want to be a homebody and hide under the covers. For the next one can I just get everyone to come over and make a blanket fort and then I channel Fairy Isabella, the Archangels, and Pleadians/Blue Avians instead?

If that sounds crazy…I don’t know why you’re reading this lol. I too, imagine what my ancestors think. (But to be honest, I think I am ok with not having filial piety as a guiding compass for my life)

3/25 Spring Equinox Holistic Gatheringwhere I'll be leading a workshop on how to use Oracle Cards to connect with your spirit guides.

If you are being a’s a video to watch on how I got started with light language. I’m feeling pulled to do more livestreams on YouTube and Facebook so feel free to follow me there. Otherwise, my calendar is open for 1:1 readings and activations!

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