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March 21, 2022

Space Clearing like a Quantum Alchemist

Space Clearing like a Quantum Alchemist

I want to invite you to be in a space where you can see what is beyond the physical. As you read these words, I want you to also absorb the intention behind these words which is energetic and brewing with manifestation potential.

Somewhere in this writing, your mind is going to get the information you need to utilize the energy of the season, and the language of energy. As I’m writing this it’s Spring here in the US. And metaphorically, it’s a perfect time to plant new seeds in the soil, water them, and let it bloom. Or alternatively, uproot your existing intentions, hopes, and dreams in new soil, so that you may create and cultivate an ecosystem that will create fruit for years to come.
Moreover, you are going to also sense a desire to clean out the old, and bring out the new. Maybe you’ll find old energies that were unconsciously hanging out in your space that give off a certain vibe.

Is it uplifting or draining?
Is it clear or cluttered?
Is it fresh or worned down?
Is it authentic and true?

You’ll find out when you ask. It’ll give you a sense of where you are now, where you were before, what you’ve been holding onto, and and where you want to pivot next from that.

I like to use the word pivot, but my fairies prefer to call it hopscotch. Same same, but different.

As you do an energy scan of the room, of your mind, of your life.. gently take notes on what you want to alter, update, or eliminate.

I like to use the word shapeshift.

Because that’s what we can do as alchemists. 

You can start with moving energy. By noticing it and propelling it with your heart compass, your breath, your intentions, and your light. 

Or, you use what you have, like sage, a candle, an incense, your words, and walk around your home with it as an intentional tool to give the space higher light. 

And with that information do what you can to bring a little bit more of the wizard in you. It can be simple magic like painting new walls, throw things away, hanging art, organizing items, moving furniture, and putting in things in storage. 

My hopes is that it will reveal more of the you that helps to unleash your spirit through the balance of the physical and non-physical home-space. Take these thoughts and create a life that is worthy of your truth. This is just a little crumb that will help you grasp energy management. Hope you enjoyed this quick energetic download :)

Take care, 

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