Vina Chalice

July 14, 2023

what's invisible to the normal eye 👁️

We are vibrating beings. ✨
And when we stop the soul searching, and start soul connecting, we start vibrating at a high frequency.
This vibration causes our hearts to open. 💖
And when our hearts open, our energetic pathways connect to an invisible grid that remains true to our wellbeing.


We get plugged into the grid of signs and synchronicities. 🔌✨
We discover every moment as an energetic portal and illumination of our sacred purpose.
We feel the pulse to follow through with those subtle nudges and repeatedly show up at the right place and right time. ⏰

It opens our channels to experiencing life in a new way.
And as weirded out and baffled it can be to our logical side,
it'll make you feel at home with your soul.

If you want the soul insights, then build the trust that it is safe for you to connect to the invisible grid of higher frequencies while remaining centered and sovereign. 🔑

But knowing things in that way from our inner being... from our intuition doesn’t come without a fight. 🥊
Our soul may be on board. Our mind likes the ideas. We like feeling good. Riigghht?! 😄✨

Not if you’ve been hurt. 😔

Notice how you’re not dead yet?
Yeah, your survivor instincts know how to keep you safe.
Your primal animal side is like, "NAH UH, you don't need to hear anything that could 💩 on my plans." 🙉

You're right. ✔️
Stop listening.
Numb out.
Tune out.

Most people post-spiritual awakening can't sustain their lives in the old way.
They have to do life differently, because they look at life energetically and holistically. 🌍🌟

Most likely, they were forced to look within when they couldn't find the answers outside of them.
Most likely, they had to find the silver lining on their own because their psychology wouldn't have it any other way. 


And no one talks about it to you directly, because we're busy either:
1. Living our gorgeous soul adventures offline and off the grid
2. Hiding out, while feeling so much and doing so little
3. Doing the soul work, the healing work, and going on quests while meeting others they vibe with along the way

And what exactly are we doing?

Consciously choosing to creatively challenge ourselves to:
- 🌟 Dying to the old ways of seeing and believing
- 🔄 Sacrificing our bodies to consistency and repetition
- 🚫 Giving up our addictions that wire us to disconnect with the free flow of energy within and around us

If that all feels hard, then take as much time as needed and start tuning in to your intuition about how to deal with the Saboteur, as this may vary from day to day. One day it could be in a "kick ass, take no prisoners" sort of way and another day it could be a "there’s nothing to fear but fear itself" compassionate sort of way. 💥❤️

You get to choose. Either way, multiple pathways lead you back to a higher frequency. To your inner knowing that remains true to your wellbeing. 💫

Cherish yourself,
Vina Chalice ✨
inner knowing/timeline shift

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