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July 8, 2023

☁️ You are not your thoughts, you are the engine thay thinks these thoughts

In the spaces between the sleeping mind and waking mind, there are these thoughts that pop up through telepathy. My Clairaudience is tingling.

Call it my inner soul’s voice. My inner guidance flowing through:

☁️ You are not your thoughts, you are the engine thay  that thinks these thoughts

And because “I” get the feeling that there’s more from the voice speaking in between my ears, I hit the voice recorder

☁️ There is a way between voice and presence where information flows, in disciplined silence it opens, in wandering talk it closes. (Rumi)

☁️ Give yourself those spaces to be timeless. To be formless. Relax. And let the density of life’s challenges melt away.

☁️Your intuition is always here for you, for you are here for the world.

And then I feel the tingles slow down, the thought engine running out of juice..and that’s when I get the feeling the transmission is complete.


In the spaces between the waking mind and sleeping mind, I am looking at my younger self. My Clairvoyance is tingling. 

Vina’s 22. She’s writing an essay for Public Speaking ✍️ while thinking of hitting up
the wakeboarding park after. 

Soak up some youth and what’s left of it.
Here’s what Vina-22 wrote:

☁️We live in a huge world! There is enough room for everyone’s beliefs, visions, and  endeavors.
(Yeah, no kidding. I would also add that we all live in different reality tunnels)
☁️You are not your thoughts, you are the engine that thinks these thoughts. (Say it out loud for the fairies in the back🧚🏼‍♀️🎤)
☁️And your body and being serves as a vehicle to act on these thoughts steering you on this dirt road called life, which I guarantee you….will often get you lost. =)
^ omg…who mentored you, Coach Vina? In moments where my toddler brain throws a hissy fit at 33  34…where are you!

This is kind of wild to me because a lot of us are waking up to wanting to become a better version of ourselves. So we do the mindset work to change our feeling states, habits and actions.

But my old brain is pretty smart.
She outsmarted the system. I need her now!

✔️Found a way to live in Thailand legally.
Graduated and got her Bachelor’s degree in Media Communications (Old school thoughts:  You need a degree. New school thoughts: You can learn everything online and on the job!) 
✔️Lived off of that Pell Grant money ($5000 per semester) where you get way more for your quality of life.
✔️Stayed active. Most of the days were spent getting lost on her roommate’s motorbike chasing waterfalls, going on hikes, and eating mango sticky rice.

It was a good time. Changed her environment, so she wasn’t a nervous stress ball. 🧶

My creative mind had time to relax and think relaxing thoughts…and think about the meaning of life lol.

She didn’t have credit karma to worry about…
Or a future self with responsibilities, relationships, decisions. She was spontaneous and didn’t overthink or ever weigh consequences…
She was blissfully unaware that she was a Fiber Optic Wifi connection to the spirit realm.

❗️That time was pre-game intuitive awakening and so she still felt alone inside. 🐺
❗️She was good at masking trauma symptoms. While she may have written something profound, Idk man…still had so many layers on like the Michelin man 🛞
❗️She didn’t have as much life experience…but being street smart, a 3rd culture kid with a non-typical upbringing, and a wanderess for life adventures? Extra credit points.



Younger Vina thoughts are still worth considering even today. Age means nothing. We all have different pieces of the 🧩

For the days you need a reminder:

☁️ Remember where you are at the present moment, and not the story of the past, and future running in your head creating a cloud of scattered apprehension and discontent.
☁️The thoughts that no longer serve you, no longer have a hold on you, can leave you. But you gotta loosen the grip and let it go… (Write an inner script of that starts with…”wouldn’t it be nice…”)
☁️Negative emotions can sometimes get to us. It is easy for us to compare our lack with others abundance. But there’s better ways to measure yourself. Instead, get curious and strengthen your blind spots and gaps through self-education and compassion. You’re a meaning maker too and will find the silver lining in it all. Seek to find your own garden to nurture you and help you evolve and grow into a better you. 🌹

Okay, that's enough of Vina for the day. 📖

Much love,
Vina Chalice
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