Vina Chalice

March 16, 2022

You won't lose your soul purpose

We all have a purpose in life. A special one that is unique to our Soul's Calling. 
Learn to use your wings, cause you won't be falling.  Unless it's about love. 

If anything, it's called a free fall. 
Cause you've willingly taken the call.
To this free mind, this free being, all in this sacred place of being seen. 

Receive the guidance that are little messages in the cells.
As a fan of learning how the subconscious mind works,
I can tell you now that this life is a dream work.
Your third eye helps you go lucid, and don't can't lose it

When in doubt. 
1. Meditate. 
2. Sit 
and commit. 

It's all a choice. Shift and stretch your bandwidth. 
The universe is here to help you get wid it!
I love you :)

<3 Vina

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🧚🏼‍♀️ spirit guide messenger.  flow state shifter. soul reminder.
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