Thomas Wang

March 4, 2021

Archiving my personal website and blog

My now archived personal website and blog was built with Gatsby. They recently released their Version 3, with a very lengthy migration guide. After reading through the breaking changes I realized I didn't really understand many of the dependencies I was using. It felt burdensome and just not worth the maintenance for what was supposed to be a lightweight website.

Today, I saw a tweet from DHH that Hey World has opened up to HEY for You customers, and I think the publishing flow is a massive improvement from traditional blogging:

It’s 2021, and setting up a blog and email newsletter is still way too hard. You either have to set up a website which is a whole thing, or use a separate service that’s expensive, cumbersome, bloated, or all of the above.

On the other hand, sending an email is easy. Fill in the address, type up your missive, press send. That’s when it occurred to us; you can email one person, a few people, or even an entire company. Why can’t you just email the web? Why do we have to do this whole separate thing to just put words on the internet? With HEY World, you don’t.

I'm going to be writing personal posts on here for now.