William Liao

July 25, 2021


227 days ago, I finished The Practice by Seth Godin. 

226 days ago, started publishing on LinkedIn everyday and haven’t looked back. 

Godin describes the practice as something “we pursue for its own sake and not because we want anything guaranteed in return…it’s a path defined by resilience and generosity. It’s outward focused, but not dependent on reassurance or applause.”

Adopting this mindset has allowed me to view every day I show up to write as a victory in and of itself — it’s my practice that I pursue for its own sake. 

 The days where I feel like I’m on a roll and am able to articulate my thoughts clearly and engage in interesting conversation on LinkedIn are a victory. 

Other days where I’m struggling (today is admittedly one of those days), my mind doesn’t feel clear, and I don’t have any engagement from my peers on the ideas I share— those are victories too. 

Don’t take the act of showing up for granted — celebrate it for the demonstration of commitment & care that it is. 

When you’re able to revel in the act of showing up and giving your best effort every day, your ability to stay motivated becomes self-sustaining. 

And it’s this kind of self-sustaining motivation that allows us to make the long-term commitment often needed to do our very best work.