William Liao

June 16, 2021

a beautiful mess

It’s easy to look at the list of problems you’re experiencing at work, with your projects, and within your personal & professional relationships and declare with some frustration: what a mess

When faced with a slew of problems, your first reflex or wish may be to be relieved of all of them.

Then everything will be great.  

A life entirely without problems doesn’t necessarily translate to a desirable, perfect, or anywhere-near examined life though. 

A life without problems is a life notably absent of other things we value like: lessons, wisdom, and the sense of meaning & triumph you get when you’re able to finally make things work. 

So yes, when you stare at the wide array of problems you’re dealing with at any given moment, you are staring at a mess… a beautiful mess — a series of problems worthy of admiration insofar that some will teach you wisdom, others will teach perspective, others will teach resilience, and so on. 

Problems are problems — whether you see them as a series of dreadful headaches or a trove of growth opportunities is up to you.