William Liao

April 23, 2022

a beautiful, ordinary power

I started this post with acts of kindness in mind — marveling at how being kind to people in our lives can leave a tremendously positive impact. 

At first, I called it a ‘superpower’ because what else do you call an awesome ability? 

But then it occurred to me that kindness can’t be a superpower because that would mean it’s reserved for just a handful of people. Instead, it makes more sense to liken it to an ordinary power: the kind that everyone has available at their fingertips. 

And it’s kindness’ distinctly ordinary nature that actually makes it such a beautiful phenomenon. 

Kindness does not discriminate —it can be from anyone for anyone. 

No matter what circumstances you might be experiencing in life, you always have the ability to choose kindness, to make someone’s day just a little bit brighter.