William Liao

August 14, 2021


The process of adaptation is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences to undergo: 

The first stage of adaptation is often a struggle: 

You’re exposed to brand new situations and problems that you don’t yet know how to best respond to. 

Everything feels ambiguous and uncertain. 

At times, your confidence is question — you ask yourself: can I really do this? 

Few persist long enough to make it to the second stage, but those who do have the privilege of reaping its rewards: 

The same set of situations and problems that once perplexed you are now easily understood. You’ve seen them before. You put in the work to figure out how to respond. You’re now able to address them with grace and confidence. 

Much of what was once ambiguous and uncertain becomes much more clear. You’ve figured these things out. And anything that remains uncertain no longer phases you. 

You’re more confident than you were before. You realize in time that yes, you can do it. You’ve done it

Don’t be afraid of doing hard things:

Do them. Trust the process. Adapt. Repeat. 

You’ll be surprised by what you’re capable.