William Liao

April 20, 2021

All roads begin from "how?"

When it comes to…

cutting through pontification & discussions headed nowhere (which probably happens more than we care to admit), 

getting a project moving, 

answering any number of important and difficult questions, 

creating a valuable change, 

getting from here to a very important there

you need only ask one thing: how?

will we begin to move forward? 

will we go about answering this question? 

How will we get there? 

Unlike remarks such as ok, interesting, or good point, how has momentum built into it. It is the first domino that’s responsible for creating a cascade of actions and events that address the other stuff important for progress like who, who will, when, and where

In all areas where progress and change matter, it helps to both be an ambassador for answering how and to have a very low tolerance for situations where no one seems to be asking it.