William Liao

April 28, 2022

always wish others well

For someone that you have an uncomplicated and positive relationship with, it’s probably the easiest and most intuitive for you to want to wish them well. There’s nothing controversial about that. 

Conversely, for someone that you have an upsetting and difficult relationship with, wishing them well might be among the last things you want to do. Yet, I contend that it’s still worth wishing them well for three reasons: 

Firstly, if you’re upset with someone’s actions, it seems perfectly rational to want to wish for them to recognize their wrongdoing and to find a way to become a better person. 

For even the most seemingly despicable of personalities in your life, I think this sentiment can apply. 

Secondly, positivity isn’t generated in a vacuum. If we want to lift each other up, we have to genuinely want each other to be the best version of ourselves. 

Finally, the sole function of other responses like anger and frustration is to drain us. Why bother? 

Be kind, wish others well — be a force for good.