William Liao

November 13, 2021

And then what?

A good way to spot a rash decision is to pose the following question at least a few times: “and then what?”. 

When faced with a time-sensitive decision or a flood of new information, it’s easy to want to make a spur-of-the-moment decision:

To commit before assessing if you have the time and energy. 

To enthusiastically jump into a partnership or a new job before properly vetting the opportunity. 

To prioritize something that, if you’d taken a few more moments to think about it, isn’t really a priority in the grand scheme. 

Before making a call in any situation where the stakes are high, pause first. 

Ask yourself “and then what?” multiple times over. 

Play it out. 

Taking the time to do this can often make the difference between a rash and costly decision and one that bears fruit.