William Liao

January 21, 2022

are you interested or committed?

The notion of ‘committed’ and ‘interested’ are abstract and nuanced concepts that defy precise definition yet contain distinct qualities that are generally understood. 

Commitment involves a vested interest. It’s mandatory, not optional. It asks that one regularly show up — even when it’s not convenient.

Interest is exhibited before anything is vested. It permits you to dabble. It is optional and does not require consistency. You can walk away when it’s not convenient. 

Commitment and interest are mutually exclusive. 

To be committed is to have moved beyond mere interest.

To be interested is not yet to be committed. 

Whether it’s towards a job, a project, a person, or a thing, ask yourself: “am I ‘interested in’ or ‘committed to’?”

The last thing you want to do for your sake, and in some cases, the sake of others, is to waver between the two.