William Liao

June 14, 2021


It’s easy to spend all of your time focusing on the next thing

The next job. 

The next project. 

The next vacation. 

And while you’re waiting for the next thing, you might also be tempted to withhold any sense of relief until then with once-then logic: 

Once I get the next job, then I’ll be happier. 

the next project get started, then I’ll feel relieved. 

Once the next vacation begins, then I can take a moment to breathe. 

This idea of heading towards and arriving at a sense of relief is just that: an idea. 

While the next job, project, or vacation my offer some undeniable benefits there’s also nothing stopping you from feeling better right now. 

The trick isn’t to arrive at a state of contentment; it’s being content. 

It’s recognizing that you don’t have to wait for the world to reorganize into some perfect arrangement to be happy.

You can be happy now.