William Liao

October 3, 2021

Audit your energy

Several months ago I audited where I was allocating my energy. 

The whole exercise presented a humbling reminder that energy is a finite asset that can either be diligently invested or clumsily thrown away.

A few activities where I have thrown away my energy include: 

  1. Complaining 
  2. Checking things more than twice (the first check offers the highest probability of catching an error. After that, the probability diminishes exponentially). 
  3. Doing something that consistently hasn’t worked (see: definition of insanity)

A few activities where I’ve invested my energy well include: 

  1. Picking 1–3 ruthless priorities at work and focusing exclusively on them. 
  2. Dedicating “water cooler” time to talk with my teammates — something I took for granted pre-pandemic. 
  3. Reading books to reinforce the kind of mindset I want to have moving forward (Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo, Creativity Leap by Natalie Nixon, and The Practice by Seth Godin

We are all creatures of habit — the stronger the habit, the more invisible it tends to be. 

Instead of unwittingly engaging in habits that aren’t helpful, try routinely auditing where your energy is going. 

Ask yourself: “is this activity an investment or a drain?”

You won’t be able to change overnight, but it’ll at least bring into focus what may need changing.